Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watercolor Sunday

Hello Fellow Artists,

I have been inspired by Krista's Blog and the wonderful watercolors she has been painting. I have really admired the cone flowers she has been painting. I went back thru my photos and found this photo of a cone flower.

I am heading into the studio with this photo and a few others and am going to try a few small cone flower studies. I'll let you know. I always struggle with my flower paintings. Maybe this time I'll have more luck.

I am also heading down to Hopper House today for the opening of the annual members show. I am looking forward to seeing the great work and visiting with some artist friends I have not seen in a while.

Keep makin' Art!



Elisabeth said...

Judging by the slide show of some of your photos and paintings on the side of the screen, you did manage to paint the flower in the photograph and beautifully too. So much for having trouble painting flowers. Good for you.

Carl said...

Hi Elisabeth-

I put up a post of the painting so you can see it better. I am really happy with how this sketch turned out.


Elisabeth said...

I'm not surprised Carl. I have just visited Krista's blog. Her work is beautiful, too.

And she painted a bee visiting her flower.

I think of our conversation here as an example of blog cross pollination. It's wonderful to see inspiration between artists at work.