Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Morning Nature Photos

QUESTION: What do two Norwegian cousins do when it is 16 degrees with a windchill of 0 degrees and fresh snow?
ANSWER: Go hiking of course!
I'd like to thank my Cousin Marie for braving the cold and hiking with me to Dover Stone Church Falls this morning. Marie is a really good sport and kept an eye out in case I fell off of an ice covered ten foot wooden ladder getting the shot I wanted. Little did she know a few months ago when she said... "Next time you go there I'd like to tag along." Her only comment the whole way was after we got back to the car when she looked up Dover Stone Church in my guidebook and said "that was only half a mile!" I told her the guidebooks routinely lie about the length of the hikes and we both laughed. Thanks Cuz you made my day! You can come out hiking and photographing with me any time!

This is the view you are greeted with as you hike into the cave at the entrance to the falls. If this had been the only shot I had gotten all day I would be happy!
This is the shot I was hoping to get. Dover Stone Church Falls with ice. The overcast sky really helped me pull this shot off. Otherwise it would have been way too contrasty.
In order to get the shot of the falls you need to climb the ten foot wooden ladder that is covered with ice. This gets you to a three foot by three foot perch that is also icy and barely allows you to setup your tripod... but it is the only way to see the amazing site of the falls.

This shot is not Dover Stone Church Falls, but instead Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I could not resist the idea of it being the third day of the new year and having hiked to three different waterfalls already so on my way home from Dover I stopped off and took a few shots of Indian Brook Falls. All in all a very good and productive weekend.
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Wenderina said...

And I'm glad Rie went. Always good to have a trained medical professional with you when you hike up an icy wooden ladder. Crazy Norwegians. Those of us of Dutch/German/English/Irish stock know to stay home under the covers.

Carl said...

Staying under covers would have been nice too. Tough to give that up some weekends.


pilgrimchick said...

That's amazing--those are some great shots! I would have gone sledding, but now I know what I would have missed.

Dave King said...

That's got to be the most superb set of photographs I've seen in ages. Not just of ice or snow, but against all comers. Really inspiring. Thanks for them.

Carl said...

Pilgrim Chick - Thanks. Sledding is good too., but if I am going to get cold and wet. I want pictures to show for it!

Dave - Thank you! High praise indeed. I am quite happy with the work i did this weekeend. Now to continue to market my images more as I started doing last year.


get zapped said...

WOW! What incredible imagery. Nature never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!

Carl said...

Zapped- Thanks and welcome to Artistic Balance

Jude said...

These are gorgeous!! between your pictures and Winderina's new projects - you 2 didn't drive home New Years day to relax!