Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yet Another Cape Cod Sketch

Hello Again Fellow Artists:

I am on a roll today. I have posted twice and redesigned the layout of my blog. I must be avoiding doing work.

This sketch is another from my Cape Cod sketchbook. It is a scene near Mayflower Beach. As you can tell I am attracted to the light on the cape and the beautiful scenes it displays all year long. I really must plan a trip in winter to catch to sunrise on the snow and dunes as well as the lighthouses that I just can't get enough of.

Where is the place that tugs at you as an artist and calls you back over and over?

Happy Painting

Waiting for Spring

Hello Fellow Artists:

I can't wait for spring to arrive. After ten inches of snow in the Hudson Valley this past Friday I am ready for some green and flowers. Don't get me wrong I like snow and the winter just fine... I just feel the need for spring.... So in anticipation of that wondrous time of year here is a photo of some beautiful calla lilies I took. A gift to you my artistic friends as a reminder that spring is on its way.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to tell if it has been too long since you were in the studio!

Hello Fellow Artists-

I have been negligent of my painting time I freely admit that.... But the other day i got a visual reminder that I had been too oft remiss in my painting. Six weeks ago I needed to get the rust out and painted a quick still life of some pears. I stepped into the studio the other night and found what I can only guess were the remains of two pears. Lucky for me the studio is not heated or I would have had a real stinky mess. So the lesson my friends is make sure to spend time in your studio everyday even if it is just to organize and clean brushes or if you are a photographer organize your equipment or the images on your hard drive.

What do you do to keep your artistic skills sharp even during a busy week. I find I need to make the time because I am happiest when I am painting and shooting. I am pledging to myself to go shooting at sunrise and paint for a while tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Water and Ice

Hello Fellow Artists:

I do not do a lot of winter photography. Mostly it is because I leave for work in the dark and return in the dark. On the weekends it is impossible to drag myself away from my warm old house. But once in a while I'll bundle up and go out shoot some of the streams that I am so fond of during the warmer months. This is one of my favorites. The contrast of the blurred flowing water and the solid ice made for a great composition. I will post more Ice photos this week.

What do you paint or photograph in the winter months?