Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fractal - Ancient Mystic Fire

Ancient Mystic Fire
This is another in my series of Fractals that I am using as creativity exercises and as a way to sharpen my design skills by working with non-representational images where I have some control over the color and design.
This week I start painting again... I know you have all heard that one before.
Keep Makin' Art

A winter hike in the woods

I was in Rochester for Christmas this year. After a fine holiday I woke up early on Friday and headed out for a little wander. I found myself 10 miles south of the city at Mendon Ponds Park. I had walked a trail there many years ago famous for its birds. It is aptly called birdsong trail. In the gray morning light as I walked the old orchard trail I was thinking of renaming it Squirrel song trail. The squirrels followed behind me from tree to tree like shy children hoping I would drop birdseed treats for them. Once I had walked the loop of the orchard trail I headed over to birdsong followed by my now small army of squirrels! I found a flurry of activity in some brambles and got my camera out. I used my 100-300 zoom lens and hand held at 400 ASA as the birds were flittering in and out of frame. I was able to capture these two shots one is of a titmouse and the other a chickadee. My morning out walking in the cold was a wonderful way to cap off the holiday. I love the quiet (and the sounds) of the woods in the snow from the animals to the crunching of my boots it helps to center me.
Keep Makin' Art

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indian Brook in the Snow.

I set out this morning in the pre-dawn light to photograph Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I have now photographed it in three seasons. I keep being drawn back to this lovely little subject. The early light helped me keep the snow from getting totally blown out and gave me the widest possible range of tones.

Thank You L.L. Bean

As I set out in the snow at 6:30 am to photograph Indian Brook Falls in the snow, I grabbed my trusty Bean's Rubber Moc's instead of my leather hiking boots. These little wonders worked as advertised. As I hiked into the falls the trail vanished into the swift running stream. Not wanting to miss the shot this morning... After all I had dragged my ass out of bed and drove an hour in the snow to get to this spot, I forged ahead. I was careful to stay near the edge of the creek. I let the water splash and dance over my feet and they stayed warm and dry! I am one happy nature photographer.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Week

Hello Fellow Artists-

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. I was mired in work. Projects, projects everywhere! I am cleaning off my desk and heading to the studio later today. I hope to have something to share with you then... NO Pressure or anything right?
The look in Ralphie's face in the picture is about equal to my mood the last couple of days. Hang in there and I'll get posting new artwork soon.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday - Calla Lilies

I got up this morning and wanted to set up my studio gear and photograph Calla Lilies. Forgetting it was Sunday and the florist is closed I tried the Grocery store. The selection looked to be on its last legs. Still wanting to see these lovely flowers I decided to rework a shot I already done and that is what you see here. I hope these beautiful flowers brighten your Sunday as they have mine...
I am off to the studio to draw.

Keep Makin' Art.


Fractals at 1AM

I could not sleep tonight. I was tossing and turning... I went online for a while. Creativity as always helped. I created this fractal I am calling Creative Fire. Now maybe I can get some sleep.
We are getting a light dusting of snow tonight. If the light looks good early in the AM I will head to the park and see what there is to photograph. I may head back to indian brook and check out the waterfall in the snow. I will post my results here later.
Keep Makin' Art.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another workshop image

There are greatreflections in this shot. I am thinking of having it printed pretty large on canvas. I bet it would look fantastic.


What a week

This was one of those weeks where work won over art. Everyday I had a meeting after work. either with my boss or with vendors doing work for us in new locations. I was dragging by Friday night. Hence no posts since Thanksgiving weekend. Shame on me.
I have however started going thru the images from my workshop in October and found a bunch more to work on. Here is a preview. I have to get caught up on my personal life today and run errands, but tomorrow is studio time. We are supposed to get a light snow tonight so I will be out with my camera tomorrow morning and then I hope to jump into the studio and work on a drawing I have planned. I'll post what I work on tomorrow night. Have a great weekend.
Keep Makin' Art!