Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chickadee - 1 finished and another started

Chickadee painting from last week - Finished

New chickadee painting I am working on.

Hi Everyone - Yep I am back in the studio painting again... I wanted to post last weeks painting finished and the start of a new one.

I am going to start a different subject later today. I'll probably post progress on that Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and..

Keep Makin Art!



JeannetteLS said...
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JeannetteLS said...

I'll try again. See, typos CAN matter. Too bad this thing doesn't WHOLLY delete. Never mind. The eye was what hit me immediately in the differences between your paintings. The aspect of the bird changes just with that, as well as the angle of the "V" of dark vs light feathers.

IT IS like writing. The choice of just one word can change the whole tone of a piece. Headed down to my own studio myself in twenty minutes to work on art.

Both pictures from one photo--thanks for sharing these two very different interpretations. Okay, okay, I'll go make me some art...

Carl said...

I paint like I cook... Never the same way twice.


Elisabeth said...

It's beautiful, Carl and as Jeanette suggests, the bird's eye changes. The picture has more depth. It could almost be a different bird, it seems fuller somehow. I love the colour and the autumn leaves as well.


Carl said...

Elisabeth - Thanks. I like both, bit am fond of somethimg simpler about the second one I think. It is funny. I had to paint the first one to know where I wanted to take the next one.


LR Photography said...

Great painting!

Carl said...

Thanks Adrian - Seemed like I spent all of last weekend working on Chickadees. Working on a project at Home this weekend. Hope to start work on a still life Sunday afternoon.