Sunday, January 31, 2010


Weekend Projects

I installed a new art hanging system in my studio this weekend from Gallery System . It is an easy to install, elegant hagging system consisting of a rail, stainless steel cable and easy to use hangers. I decided to mount the rail on the brick wall (back of our fireplace) in my studio as it is a big space which I have had trouble hanging stuff art in before. I underestimated how tough it is to drill into brick... but that was my fault and not the fault of the hanging system. In the end with some elbow grease and a few choice swear words the system is up and showing of the art in my little studio.

Next I hung a photo of mine I had done. Right now it is hanging proudly in the dining room, but we are looking for the perfect spot for it. This photo of a grapes on the vine in the finger lakes is an 18x24 gallery wrap. That is a print on canvas stretched over a frame and the image goes over the sides and needs no frame. It looks just great and is a spot on match for the image on my computer. This was done by the lab I use for much of my work... MPIX. If you have something you wanted printed right and in a timely manner give them a try. I have never been unhappy with their work.
Now on to painting in the studio and that pot of chili cookin on the stove... a perfect Sunday if you ask me.
Keep Makin' Art,

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