Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am putting the heater on the studio and not coming out until I paint something!!!

I'll post later if I get anything interesting.... by way of interesting I mean really good or really bad.

Just remembered I have to drop off the piece I am entering at the annual members show at Hopper House today also!!

Have a great Sunday,

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Carl said...

Turns out the painting I wanted to show is two inches too big when you include the frame. I should have read the rules closer... Wenderina even asked me that in December! Looks like it will be a photo. Now to decide between the pieces I have framed and ready that are less than twenty six inches (including frame) on the long dimension. Hmm I have some nice pieces, but they are not the watercolor of Highland Light I wanted to hang. Oh well. I should have read the rules.

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