Monday, May 30, 2011

Purple Irises in Late Afternoon Light

I caught these wonderful purple irises in my friend Terry's garden.  They were bathed in beautiful golden end of day light.  The light was fleeting and cooled down as the sun lazily drifted into the western horizon.  A great end to a nice long weekend.  Summer is off to a great start.

Keep Makin' Art!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Final Spring Shots at Minisceongo Creek... I'll be Back in the Fall.

I went out this morning for one final shoot at Minisceongo Creek (unless we get fogged in one morning).  the creek will dry to a trickle in June, unless the rain keeps falling!!  I will head back in the fall to catch the autumn colors reflected in the falls.  It is one of my favorite spots and seems to be different each time I photograph it.

Keep Makin' Art!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 I was doing lighting tests this morning for a little project I am working on.  My Dad (Hank) was nice enough to be my model and sit for some portraits... Thanks Dad!  Lookin' Good!

Keep Makin' Art!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My hero celebrated 19 years of sobriety last night.  Of all the hurdles he has faced in life this is the one I am proudest of.  He has made great use of the last 19 years in volunteer work, in supporting other members of his AA family and in being able to spend quality time with his family especially watching his grand kids grow up....

I hope someday to be half the man that he is.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Stroll Thru Skylands on a Cloudy Sunday Morning....

As a nature photographer even when you plan for exactly what you want to photograph have a back up plan.  I looked thru my calendar of when I shot where last year and saw that a year ago this week wildflowers were blooming in the Skylands wildflower garden.  It has many types of irises along a meandering trail with lots of high grass for a nice soft green backdrop.  I arose this morning and noted the heavy, foggy overcast and and thought it would be perfect... Alas it has been so called and rainy this spring that nary a thing was blooming in the wildflower garden, but the rhodo gardens were full of color so i wandered over there.  I generally have avoided the rhodos in the past, but they were in perfect bloom and the leaves were covered with water droplets.  I took out my trust 100mm macro and got to work.  I am really happy with the results.  It may not have been what I planned, but I went with what nature gave me to work with and am all the happier....

Keep Makin' Art!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tuxedo Falls - 5/21/2011

I had volunteered to work at my company's booth at the Arthritis walk today and had to leave the house by 6:30.  There was this amazing clear light and fog, but I had no time to shoot.  Conditions have been changing all day.  On my way home from the event I stopped at Tuxedo falls as I normally shoot there in the evening, but have been thinking that the light would actually be best at mid day in the narrow canyon that makes up the falls.  I was rewarded with glorious light and a sky on the verge of rain.  I was able to get some great shots.
Now to ponder where to shoot on Sunday...

Keep Makin' Art!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work Shop - Hudson Bread Co. North bergen, NJ

 I wish I had been a tad more careful in framing this shot.  If I had included all of the hands and bread it would have been a stunner.  All in all I am happy with it.

 In the interest of full disclosure the lighting for this portrait was worked out by Chris Ramirez.  I worked with the subject and shot with my camera.

MMMM Bread!

Today I was on a work shop on photojournalism techniques hosted by Nick Zungoli and Chris Ramirez at the Hudson Bread Co. in North Bergen, NJ.  This was a departure from the landscape work I have done in the past with Nick.  The workshop was excellent.  It was run by two great working pros and the facility at Hudson Bread Co was a joy to shoot in and the staff were very friendly in helping us to get our shots while they were busy making bread.  All in all a great day.  I learned a bunch of stuff I will be able to carry through to all of my shooting.  Thanks Nick and Chris for an awesome day.

Keep Makin' Art!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pine Meadow Brook

I got called into work this morning around seven for an issue with one of our servers.  I don't normally mind this, but I had been keeping an eye on what was brewing up to be perfect conditions for a landscape photographer.  It was a combination of super saturated greens of spring and a good rain last night so the streams would be running.  It was also quite foggy in the morning.  I was lucky enough to finish my work by eleven and it was still really overcast so the conditions were ideal.  I would have liked more fog when I went out, but I can't complain.  I got these photos all within a half mile of entering the trail near Pine Meadow Brook in Harriman State Park.  I am thrilled with the results.... Especially on a day when I did not think I'd be able to get out with my camera at all.

So keep you camera handy.... you never know when you will have a chance to get great photos and have to be ready.

Now it is time to prep my camera's and charge my batteries.... I am taking a photojournalism workshop hosted by Nick Zungoli and Chris Ramirez at the Hudson Bread Company... Check back Monday night for some of the images.  It should be a fun and educational day.

Keep Makin' Art!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

communityphotochallenge - Macro Challenge

I chose this macro of a Dogwood flower just blooming for the Community Photo Challenge Closeup - Macro challenge.  It is one of my favorite shots from this spring.  The soft blue gray in the background really sets the flower off nicely.

Keep Makin' Art!

Tuxedo Falls - Spring HDR (Again!)

So... I went back to Tuxedo fall again.  I was there maybe three weeks ago and the trees had not greened up yet.  This time it was more lush and I got some nice end of day light.  The waterfall is in a bit of a shaded valley between some mountains so the lighting was a bit tricky... Even in HDR, but I am rather pleased with these.

Keep Makin' Art!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paige Stoveland's - Bat Mitzvah

Our beautiful niece Paige

 Paige with her Mom and Dad and big sister Mikayla

 Grandma and Grandpa with Paige

 My Mom and dad (Hank and Pat)

While we were there Paige showed off her athletic side too playing softball.

Getting to Point Lobos and taking photos in Carmel was great.... but the real reason for our California trip was our Niece Paige's Bat Mitzvah.  She did and outstanding job and we are all so proud of her.  I can not believe how fast she and Mikayla are growing up.  They are both smart, beautiful, caring young women.  We are very proud of them both.

Family is what keeps us grounded and able to grow.  

Keep Makin' Art! (and spend time with family)