Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Images 2010

After a wonderful visit with our Niece's family in Virginia for New Year's I decided I needed a short hike and to take some photos this morning. I had heard of a waterfall in the town next to ours and decided to investigate. It was totally worth it. Not only was Tuxedo Falls a nice spot and an easy hike for my first jaunt of 2011, but there was the shell of an old brick power station along the trail with great openings into the woods. I got some good shots today, but will make note to come back again after things green up towards the end of day. I think I can get some really stunning shots.
Tomorrow morning I plan to head out with my cousin to photograph Dover Stone Church Falls across the river. I got some amazing stuff there this summer. It has a waterfall in the back of a cave. It should be really cold tonight and I am hoping for ice all along the cave walls and a chance to get some terrific photos.
Keep makin' Art


Krista Hasson said...

Carl these are beautiful captures, looks like you are off to a great start for 2010!

Carl said...

Thanks Krista! Now what I really need to do is pick up a paint brush. Hopefully I won't freeze my butt off tomorrow photographing a waterfall in a frozen cave and will still want to paint!!!

JeannetteLS said...

You already know how I feel about what you do with water, so I won't bother there. But there is something magical with that center shot. Why? It is symmetrical, but the graffiti... it's that graffiti.

I like seeing the different subject matter, too. I remember loving that Cape shot with the Bike by the window. Again, these two shots make me want to explore.There is a richness. Yup. Great start, Carl.

Carl said...

Hi Jeannette- Yep. I agree one of my unwritten goals for 2010 is to push my eye shooting subjects I would not normally photograph.

LR Photography said...

Excellent work!