Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roof and some details

In this layer I added the roof of the barn and some of the details. In real life the barn has a silver roof and bright green roof. I decided to make them more the same and pulled the green from a color that was already in the painting to help tie it all together.

second wash - Barn

Here is the foreground wash green and orange are mingled. The fence, tree and barn are left to paint.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barn Painting - First Wash

Hello Fellow Artists and Art Lovers:

Here is the first wash on the barn. Sky is graduated wash of 'dirty cobalt blue'. I achieve this with a dish of palette scraps leaning towards gray. I charge a brush with cobalt blue and use that as my dark sky color. Is is very atmoshperic that way. at the horizon line I dropped cadmium orange into the wet sky wash and turned it upside down at a 30* angle to flow the orange up into the sky wash.

Next will be the foreground in a warm wash. followed by the barn in the mid ground and then details at the end of the week. The 5x7 test will be done then and I will decide what to keep and what to change in the "final painting". Sometimes the 5x7 tests are much freer and looser than the final painting and end up among my favorites.



Barn Painting - Drawing

Here is the drawing for the 5x7 sketch. I drew and a grid. Did the drawing and then erased the grid. The grid is a little heavy. normally I would just use tick marks and not full lines so there is less to erase. Next will be first wash of sky and horizon.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Week's Posts

Greetings my Friends / Fellow Artists (not mutually exclusive)
This week look for.
  • Day by day progress on the barn painting
  • posts about the workshop I am taking 10/20 with Nick Zungoli and how I will approach the day.
  • Update on my submission plans for Cape Cod Art Association
  • What's next after CCAA?

Please see the link to follow my blog and sign up. Please don't lurk! Let me know what you think!

I used the schedule function this week and will not post a bunch today and be silent for week. I realize that my work life keeps rearing its ugly head in all my art projects. How do you deal with that. I am like manic/depressive except it is work/art!!




Hello Fellow Artists and Art Lovers

This week got away from me a little. and I did not post much. This week will be a little project suggested to me by Janice from Beyond the Mind's Eye (one of my favorite Blogs) Thanks Janice!

I will show a painting from Idea to completion photographing and commenting at various stages along the way.

First I went through the photos from last Sunday morning's shooting near Sugar Loaf, NY and found a shot of a barn in the morning sun called to me. I sized it in photoshop and put grid lines on it to help me with the drawing.

Next I will draw this scene on 5x7 watercolor paper. I'll post the drawing when I am done. The idea is I will do 5x7 watercolor sketch and plan out a larger painting. Figuring out what works and what doesn't along the way in the small painting.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its All About the Light

These are two more images from my shooting Sunday morning. I am truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as the Hudson Valley. Great photots are as simple as notincing a farm on a backroad and coming back to shoot it early in the morning or late in the say when the golden light skates accross everything you se and makes them really pop. In this case Wildflowers (or weeds I can never tell, but they are pretty with the light on them so we'll call them wildflowers) with a soft background lit up by the morning light make terrific subjects.

Which brings me to my point. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT! Once you accept that as a photographer the rest is showing up and composing the photo. So get out there and shoot this fall and tell me what you are working on this Autumn.



A Good Morning's Work

This morning I awake around 6:30 and found one f the best mornings of the year. I could not waste light like this so i headed out to the farm country near Warwick, NY (about 45 minutes from home) and found these wonderful images. There are some winners there. I am really looking forward to the fall nature photography I'll be doing this year.

I promised I would show the stages of a watercolor I am working on in a series of posts. I will work on that this week and send up some images of the painting in progress.


Tree in Pasture near Warwick, New York

"You Lookin' at me?"

Morning light on farm, Warwick, NY

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Took the leap

Hi Everyone,

I am sure I will be consumed with what to send over the next couple of months... I contacted the Cape Cod Art Association and am scheduled for portfolio reviews in Photography and Painting this November. I decided there is no time like the present and I am going to go for it.

Fingers are crossed that my portfolios are accepted.


Fall is in the air

Hello Fellow Artists-

I have been back from vacation for two weeks. I am back in the work groove. I have picked my next painting picked out. I will on "Early Morning Sandwich, Ma." from my last post. I am preparing to retire to the studio to work on it. I have been thinking of how to approach for a while now and hope to get it done today. I'll post photos of it when done. After that I'd like to work on a couple of Cap Cod Cottages.

I am also looking forward to a photo workshop I am taking on 10/20.

What projects are you working on as the summer turns to Autumn?


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Early Morning Sandwich Ma.

This lovely shot was taken near the "Boardwalk" in sandwich Ma. The "boardwalk" leads you over this marsh to Cape Cod Bay. This is a great spot to get your sunrise photos. This will be one of the next scenes I paint.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Art on the Cape

Cape Cod is not just an inspiration for me as an artist. Many artists have called it home, including my favorite Edward Hopper. Today there are many very talented artists working on the cape who are just as fascinated by the wonderful light as I am, and make a career of working there. You can witness this yourself by driving along Route 6a and visiting the many great galleries.
W and I are picky about what we by on the cape. We are driven by a taste and a small budget for art. So the pieces we get really need to speak to us. We bought this pen and ink by Selma Alden at the Fresh Paint Gallery called Class of '32. It really is a captivating piece and Selma has a marvelous way with figures.
So not only the light inspires me on Cape Cod, but the work of other talented artists who are captured by the cape intrigues me. You could have 100 artists paint the same scene and get a 100 different visions from it.
So if you are an artist and feel a little stuck... get out there and see more artists.

Fresh from the Cape

Hello Fellow Artists-
Here is the first painting from the cape. It was scene here as the photo in post Tranquility. This painting (watercolor and colored pencil) is in Sandwich Ma. looking at the bay in the afternoon.

Thursday Night Races

We have a ritual on one of the nights late in our Cape trip to have a lobster boil which is preceded by the slightly barbaric custom of the lobster race. I'd love to say the winner won his freedom and was ceremoniously walked back to the bay and set free, but they are too darned tasty for that. Sorry number 3 you ran a great race!