Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 of a pear... Work in Progress

First washes and shadows laid down for 3 of a Pear.

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Weekend Projects

I installed a new art hanging system in my studio this weekend from Gallery System . It is an easy to install, elegant hagging system consisting of a rail, stainless steel cable and easy to use hangers. I decided to mount the rail on the brick wall (back of our fireplace) in my studio as it is a big space which I have had trouble hanging stuff art in before. I underestimated how tough it is to drill into brick... but that was my fault and not the fault of the hanging system. In the end with some elbow grease and a few choice swear words the system is up and showing of the art in my little studio.

Next I hung a photo of mine I had done. Right now it is hanging proudly in the dining room, but we are looking for the perfect spot for it. This photo of a grapes on the vine in the finger lakes is an 18x24 gallery wrap. That is a print on canvas stretched over a frame and the image goes over the sides and needs no frame. It looks just great and is a spot on match for the image on my computer. This was done by the lab I use for much of my work... MPIX. If you have something you wanted printed right and in a timely manner give them a try. I have never been unhappy with their work.
Now on to painting in the studio and that pot of chili cookin on the stove... a perfect Sunday if you ask me.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chickadee Number Two Complete

Here is the second chickadee painting completed. I like both, but think this little guy is my favorite. Still more light and warmth in the studio. I don't want to waste it, so I am going to go thru some of the photos I have wanted to paint and see what I can get done.

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Chickadee - 1 finished and another started

Chickadee painting from last week - Finished

New chickadee painting I am working on.

Hi Everyone - Yep I am back in the studio painting again... I wanted to post last weeks painting finished and the start of a new one.

I am going to start a different subject later today. I'll probably post progress on that Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend... and..

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chickadee Painting Started

I started the chickadee painting on Sunday night. Next are to put in the leaves and give some definition to the tree I think. I will let it see a few days while I think about it.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to Painting

Having a Hopper like painting in the annual member's show at hopper house and a successful painting of a cone flower under my belt Sunday... I'll be back to painting a little bit more. This week I'll work on this chickadee I photographed around Thanksgiving while in upstate NY.

I'll post the watercolor when it is done later this week.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on Sunday Watercolor

Inspiration for watercolor below. photographed at Skylands Botanical Garden 8/09
Cone Flower Watercolor 1/2010

Well for my first watercolor in a while, I am really thrilled with how this one came out. Thanks to Krista at What is Krista Painting Now? for the great paintings that were the inspiration to get the brushes out and start working on my watercolors again on weekends that I don't head into the woods with my camera.

Don't worry the camera won't get rusty. I just needed to get some balance between the arts I pursue again. I have done nothing but photography for the last 6 months.

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Watercolor Sunday

Hello Fellow Artists,

I have been inspired by Krista's Blog and the wonderful watercolors she has been painting. I have really admired the cone flowers she has been painting. I went back thru my photos and found this photo of a cone flower.

I am heading into the studio with this photo and a few others and am going to try a few small cone flower studies. I'll let you know. I always struggle with my flower paintings. Maybe this time I'll have more luck.

I am also heading down to Hopper House today for the opening of the annual members show. I am looking forward to seeing the great work and visiting with some artist friends I have not seen in a while.

Keep makin' Art!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on Today

Well. I measured the painting I planned on putting in the hopper house show and it is too big. I decided at that point to put in a photo... I was going to use one already framed so ... I was back in action. Then I decided to use a different photo I had taken last weekend so I was in the middle of editing that when the 'Better Angels of my Judgement' (feel free to read that as Wenderina) said... "That's nice, but it is for Hopper House it should be one of your paintings... and you have some great paintings that have a hopper feel to them...

So I have firmly made up my mind. Set out to find a painting of the right size that would work. I came across this nice little painting of Nobska Lighthouse on Cape Cod and decided the subject matter was good and the quality of the light if not the colors made me think of Edward Hopper.

Nobska Light - Wood's Hole Massachusetts

Thanks Wenderina... When you're right you're right!

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I am putting the heater on the studio and not coming out until I paint something!!!

I'll post later if I get anything interesting.... by way of interesting I mean really good or really bad.

Just remembered I have to drop off the piece I am entering at the annual members show at Hopper House today also!!

Have a great Sunday,

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dover Stone Church Falls - Black and White

This shot of Dover Stone Church Falls from Sunday was great in color... but I think it may be even more powerful in Black&White. What are your thoughts? Which do you like better.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Morning Nature Photos

QUESTION: What do two Norwegian cousins do when it is 16 degrees with a windchill of 0 degrees and fresh snow?
ANSWER: Go hiking of course!
I'd like to thank my Cousin Marie for braving the cold and hiking with me to Dover Stone Church Falls this morning. Marie is a really good sport and kept an eye out in case I fell off of an ice covered ten foot wooden ladder getting the shot I wanted. Little did she know a few months ago when she said... "Next time you go there I'd like to tag along." Her only comment the whole way was after we got back to the car when she looked up Dover Stone Church in my guidebook and said "that was only half a mile!" I told her the guidebooks routinely lie about the length of the hikes and we both laughed. Thanks Cuz you made my day! You can come out hiking and photographing with me any time!

This is the view you are greeted with as you hike into the cave at the entrance to the falls. If this had been the only shot I had gotten all day I would be happy!
This is the shot I was hoping to get. Dover Stone Church Falls with ice. The overcast sky really helped me pull this shot off. Otherwise it would have been way too contrasty.
In order to get the shot of the falls you need to climb the ten foot wooden ladder that is covered with ice. This gets you to a three foot by three foot perch that is also icy and barely allows you to setup your tripod... but it is the only way to see the amazing site of the falls.

This shot is not Dover Stone Church Falls, but instead Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I could not resist the idea of it being the third day of the new year and having hiked to three different waterfalls already so on my way home from Dover I stopped off and took a few shots of Indian Brook Falls. All in all a very good and productive weekend.
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Images 2010

After a wonderful visit with our Niece's family in Virginia for New Year's I decided I needed a short hike and to take some photos this morning. I had heard of a waterfall in the town next to ours and decided to investigate. It was totally worth it. Not only was Tuxedo Falls a nice spot and an easy hike for my first jaunt of 2011, but there was the shell of an old brick power station along the trail with great openings into the woods. I got some good shots today, but will make note to come back again after things green up towards the end of day. I think I can get some really stunning shots.
Tomorrow morning I plan to head out with my cousin to photograph Dover Stone Church Falls across the river. I got some amazing stuff there this summer. It has a waterfall in the back of a cave. It should be really cold tonight and I am hoping for ice all along the cave walls and a chance to get some terrific photos.
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