Friday, November 21, 2014

Artistic Balance Blog is Moving....

Going forward I will be hosting this blog at my website.  You can find it at

I will keep this blog active for the Archive of all the posts going back to 2008.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Artistic Balance Photography Website

Hi Friends,

Well I finally started overhauling the website for Artistic Balance Photography this weekend.  It has needed to be freshened up for a while now.  Some of the navigation has changed, portfolios are being updated with new categories, new images are being added and I finally added the functionality to order prints in a variety of sizes and framing options straight from the website.  Now my fans who can't come to see my work at Gallery Meraki.  Can still get one of my photos.  I have been getting great images for the last six months so make sure you stop by the website and check out the new work often.

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Monday, November 03, 2014

New work and a sale at my gallery...

I am trying to keep up with my posting here at Artistic Balance.  The good news is I am busy with my camera and Gallery Meraki.  Below are some recent photographs.  These and others can be found at the  Gallery Meraki Website where we are running a framed print sale for the month of November.  Check it out.  You can find that perfect holiday gift or a gift for yourself.

Keep Makin' Art!

Cranberry Bog - Marshfield Ma.

Autumn Leaf and Running Water

Goosepond Mountain State Park / Infrared B&W

Sunrise Sesuit Creek / Cape Cod

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Workshop Prep

This collection of images was taken this week in preparation for a fall photography workshop I am teaching with Julie Sholz on Saturday.  The students are in for a real treat.  The locations are perfect and conditions look really good.  They shoot get some amazing photos.  I'll post some here on Sunday.

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Gallery Opening 9/27/2014

The long awaited opening of Gallery Meraki, the studio and gallery I share with Michael Malandra and Julie Scholz, was held on Saturday, September 27th.  It was a smash!  we had more people attend than we could possibly imagine.  My deepest thanks to everyone who attended the opening and helped get our gallery off on the right foot.  We will be open on weekends Fri - Sun starting October 10th.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gallery Meraki Blog

The grand opening of the gallery I am opening with Michael Malandra and Julie Scholz is this Saturday.  We are doing a series of meet the artist interviews over at the Gallery Meraki blog.  Stop by and check it out.  Please add it to the blogs you regularly follow as well.

we are really excited for our grand opening bash so we can show everyone some of our new work and the gallery we have been working so hard this summer to build.

The artist / photographers of Gallery Meraki
Mike, Carl and Julie

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Portrait Studio at Gallery Maraki

Gallery Meraki with it's high ceilings, painted brick walls and North light window makes a brilliant studio.  I'm having a great time shooting in the new studio space.  There are some great spaces in my building and outside around the complex for even more great portraits.  We have had a great time building our gallery up from an empty old factory space.  
I'm so excited for the grand opening bash this Saturday the 27th.  If you are in the Hudson Valley please join us from 7-9 for Art, Music and local beers and wines.  I hope you can join us.

Keep Makin' Art!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Blog for Gallery Meraki

We have set up a blog specifically for Gallery Meraki.  You can find it at

Stop by often to keep up with all of the events, shows and classes at the gallery.

Keep Makin' Art!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

1 Week and counting.... to Gallery Meraki Launch!

Well here we are!  One week from the launch of Gallery Meraki at the Garner Art and Industrial Center.  We have taken an old factory space and turned it into a beautiful gallery and functional studio that is worthy of our three very talented artist photographers Carl Stoveland (Me), Julie Scholz and Michael Malandra.  We hope to see you all at grand opening launch party on 9/27!

The space that ended up being the gallery was the first one we looked at together.  It was clear pretty quickly that while dirty and in need of some paint and elbow grease this space would make a great gallery and awesome studio for both painting and photography.  Northlight windows provide the option of photographing and painting by available light as well as traditional photo studio lighting.

First concept of space with moveable panel walls allowing the space to remain flexible for gallery, studio and classroom use.

It was decided early on that the purple ceilings would stay.  We decided on neutral gray walls to show off our photography with black and wood furniture.  From there we were off and running with the space's color scheme.  It has a fantastic vibe and is a great place to show off our work!

Cleaned and painted!

Three trips to Ikea later and we had our furniture and the 'chill zone' was born where the ugly old stairs had been.

The gallery seemed gigantic when we first saw it empty.  We thought we'd struggle to fill the walls with art.  Now we have to get creative with ways to display all the great photography we have to show you.

Track lights installed and the old lighting taken down!

Ready for visitors!

Next up this week is we hang our photography.  We all have some new work to display.  In fact we probably have enough material for our first three shows!  We have the launch party on  Saturday, September 27th from 7 to 9.  Next the gallery will be open for Artoberfest at Garner Arts on October 11 and 12.  Make sure you check out Artoberfest.  Many of the studios in the sprawling old factory complex will be open to the public with plenty of activities and demonstrations.  The gallery has already been used as a studio 5 times for portrait sessions and on Saturday October 18th it will be used for the editing and printing portion of a fall photography workshop being run by Gallery Meraki's own Carl Stoveland and Julie Scholz.  There is still space available for the workshop.  if you are interested contact Carl Stoveland at 845-499-0178 or be email to   we are extremely proud of how the gallery has turned out, but this is only the beginning!  Look for many shows, classes and events at the gallery in the months to come.  
This gallery has been a labor of love for us.  Creating a gallery from the ground up has been an exciting challenge and at the end of it we have an amazing place to work and show off our art.  Thanks to our friends and families for all of the support and encouragement along the way.  We could not have done it without you!  

Keep Makin' Art!
Carl Stoveland

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cape Hydrangea Watercolor

I was looking thru my phone today for an image of the gallery I wanted to send to a friend and found this watercolor  / ink sketch I did of a Hydrangea on Cape Cod in August.  I had completely forgotten I had done this.  It made me smile.  I have been so focused on photography and setting up the gallery that I sometimes forget I'm a painter too!  It's a reminder to me to make sure I get my paints out and paint every week.  It is a promise i made myself when I decided to open a gallery and studio.

I hope you find a piece of your art today and it surprises you in a good way!  It's a great feeling.

Keep Makin' Art!