Sunday, July 26, 2009

yucky morning... but some interesting photos.

At first light this morning as I packed my gear in my car and headed out for a few hours of wandering the woods with my camera I thought I was in luck. We had thunderstorms last night and it was damp and cool, but warming up. I thought I was heading out for some foggy shots in the meadows. It was not to be though... It went straight to a yucky rain almost immediately. I was up and in my car on the one day this week I have for photography so even though my warm bed was calling me back I headed out. I went to an area I had shot before a while ago and found this great purple flower next to the lake. Next I found some wildflowers and some blades of grass with the rain still on them. Contented that I had gotten a few good shots and would call the morning a successful failure (really though what morning spent out in nature is a failure right?). I was rewarded for my efforts when I wandered across this young buck eating his breakfast. He let me get closer than I thought. I would move up and then he would move back. Happily he did not bolt and gave me time to try to find an angle I liked. Just when I thought I had lost him he popped his head up out of a bush and looked straight at me.

Yet another Sunday morning where I am glad I did not sleep in and let this opportunity pass me by! That is now that my feet are dry and I have a cup of coffee!

Keep Makin' Art

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cape Cod

Morning Light Sandwich, Ma

Sunset Dennis, Ma

33 Days until our vacation to our favorite place Cape Cod!
Of course between now and then will be four long weeks of work and submitting pieces for two shows at the Cape Cod Art Association. I'll post what I am sending here for everyone to see.
Where is your magic place that gets your creative juices flowing. For me it is always the Hudson Valley and Cape Cod!
Keep Makin' Art!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A new look at Skylands

As many of you know I have photographed Skylands botanical gardens approximately half a dozen times over the past year. I have been thrilled with the results of each and every trip. However lately I have been started to feel like I am shooting fish in a barrel... Why you ask? The formal garden overflowing with every flower that grows in the area imaginable lined up ready to be shot... Just show up at the right time of day and you can't go wrong. Now I recognize that proper exposure and the photographers eye for composition have a lot to do with it... but I was starting to get bored a little. Two things happened to change that for me. My favorite photographer, Nick Zungoli had a slide show under the stars outside of his gallery last night in Sugar Loaf, NY. I was amazed at Nick's use of textural elements like grasses etc with a punch of color from some wildflowers to give his images depth and character. I filed that away for future use. I have done that subconsciously in my more successful landscapes, but did not even realize I was doing it.
This morning I was determined to sleep in and get some rest.... but I can't... I have a day off and see that glorious early morning light peeking in the window I have to grab my camera and go. I headed to Skylands to see if there was anything new blooming. Somehow I wondered on to a wildflower meadow trail I had never noticed before and really got to put my ideas to the test. I had a great morning. Some of these shots when compressed down to small size to fit the blog lose a little of their punch... but trust me at large size that texture and the pop of color from the wild flowers set against a pure blue sky look just fantastic. I am so glad I did not sleep in like I planned.

PS - I even got this little rabbit to pose for me while he ate his breakfast!

Keep Makin' Art!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fractal - Waterfall

Sometimes even my non-representational art looks like something... Today while playing with Fractals out of the swirling chaos came this beautiful Waterfall. Maybe I just have waterfalls on the brain these days and see them everywhere!

Keep Makin' Art!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian Brook - Revisited

I had a good morning. I went back to one of my favorite spots to photograph.... Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I went with my friend, photographer Mike Malandra. It was fun to have company on one of my early morning sojourns to the woods. I enjoyed talking photography with Mike and showing him a great location to shoot. Next time it is his turn to pick a location I have not photographed yet.
Now it is into the studio for a few hours. I have the itch to paint something.
Keep Makin' Art!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Good Day

Did I get everything done I wanted to today? No. But I did get some rest, had lunch with my folks, finished a plumbing repair and finally get the pool ready for use.
As a treat to myself I went out at the end of the day and took a few photos in Harriman State Park. I missed the light I was trying to get by about thirty minutes, but did still manage to get this lovely little photo and found a spot That I would like to shoot at before work tomorrow morning.
All in all this was a good, balanced day.
Keep Makin' Art

Sunday - July 5th

Wow. I have posted so little for the last few weeks. Sorry if I have not been around to comment on your fabulous blogs. I have been trying to read them when I can. Two major projects have collided at work... One ran long because of a change in the scope of the project and the other is immovable on its deadlines. My whole team has pitched in and work hard. We have put in tins of hours. I expect more of the same all summer. Maybe a few less hours (I hope).
I did have this weekend off and it has been awesome so far. We had time to fix a few things that have been neglected around the house and went to a great bbq yesterday at our dear friends Terry and Dave's house. Thanks for the good food and company guys!
Today we are finally getting a chance to have Father's day with my dad and are meeting my folks for lunch. After that there is another small plumbing repair project.... and then hopefully a little time in the studio to create. I have been working on the photo books a lot of the time (2 down 3 to go) but feel I have been neglecting the painting side of my art... So that will be my afternoon even if I just play and don't make a finished painting. Just for kicks I may pick a subject and paint with just a palette knife. If I get anything good I'll post it here.
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July (or Canada Day depending on where you are)

Keep Makin' Art!