Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dover Stone Church Falls - Black and White

This shot of Dover Stone Church Falls from Sunday was great in color... but I think it may be even more powerful in Black&White. What are your thoughts? Which do you like better.

Keep Makin' Art

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Chelle said...

It is amazing both ways! Each has its own qualities. Glad you had a hiking partner for this one!

Carl said...

Hi Michelle- Yeah. Common sense wins once in a while even for me. I am glad Marie was available to make the hike. That ladder is a little daunting with 3" of ice on each rung.

Dave King said...

am a great fan of B&W and, yes, my vote is for this version. Strangely, as it opened, in that fraction of a second, I thought it a scraper board drawing. Superb. Powerful is not quite powerful enough!

Carl said...

Thank You Dave! I am partial to this version as well. I like both, but think the B&W is striking.


Anonymous said...

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