Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where to Shoot...

SilverMine - Harriman State park NY - Oct 2008

The fall is rapidly approaching here in NY. The trees are still very green thanks to some really wet weather this summer, but you can feel fall in the air. Crisp and chilly. I love Autumn. It is one of my favorite times of the year to take photographs. My dilemma this year is where to shoot. There are so many places I'd like to shoot (and paint) and only so many weeks to do it in and of course there is that whole having a job thing.... Anywhere here are just a few of the places I'd like to get to this fall with my camera.

  • Cape Cod - Cranberry Harvest what could be better.

  • Catskill Mountains - I don't shoot in the Catskills nearly enough.

  • Lancaster County PA - Amish Country. I think the old stone farms will be great in the fall.

  • Upstate NY - Wine Country. Luckily I'll be attending a wedding here in October and may get some time to take fall images.

Where do you want to paint or photograph this fall?

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JeannetteLS said...

I wish I could get back to the Central Susquehanna Valley this fall to paint. Amish farmlands, "the endless mountains" and all the rivers. You can get this variety of scenic overload all within three hours. It makes my soul breathe.

Carl said...

Maybe you can do a painting from one of the Amish Farm Landscapes I'll be shooting this fall. I'll be happy to send you a file. It is a plcae I have always wanted to shoot since i was down there one day for a business meeting.