Monday, September 07, 2009

Drive-By Art

One of the things I really love most about Cape Cod is the feel from another time and place it has. Driving down 6A this vegetable stand and this farm struck me as wonderfully nostalgic and Americana. When you couple this with small houses built in the 1600's and that wonderful clear yet not harsh Cape Cod light.... I don't go anywhere on the cape without my camera. There is an opportunity at any time of day. I think this little farm stand will end up being a great watercolor.

On this same theme of nostalgia... I am a bit of a purist when it comes to digital photography... Just because we can change things around and combine images does not mean we should... Anyway that is my normal stance and there are others who disagree and that is fine. This next image I saw and decided it would look amazing in a glowing soft dreamlike photo. So I broke one of my own 'rules'.. What do you think?

Keep Makin Art!


JeannetteLS said...

Digital equivalent of a French Impressionism, don't you think? Sharpen edges might make it look like the scene itself, but my guess is that the softness more accurately captured how it felt. Yes?

The produce stand--it seems that this is quintessentially New England and the northeast. Each has its own character, from the beauty in your photo, to the card table with the handwritten sign and a money jar by piles of tomatoes, cukes and Corn.

Carl said...

The dappled softness captured the moment for me. I like it a s straight photo also... but think the vertical I posted earlier is the stronger photo.

Yes. The northeast farmstand seems to be an iconic work of art in itself. Sadly this one had a video camera and a warning to a recent thief. I decided not to show that commentary. I show my world with rose colored glasses a little I guess.

A's Mom said...

Absolutely love the softness of the digital effect.

Carl said...

Yeah. I think the bike shot just seemed to call for it.