Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am calling today 'bookends day' because I had the opportunity to get out and shoot at sunrise (see previous post 'Moodna Viaduct') and around sunset at two of my favorite spots. I went back out around 5pm to Harriman State Park and hiked further than I normally do up the Reeve's Brook Trail. I found some great new compositions and shooting in the last hour our so of sunlight gave me a chance to capture some really beautiful images in the gloaming, with that wonderful, soft end of day light.
Keep Makin Art


JeannetteLS said...

The effect of the top two is molten metals. Just beautiful, Carl.

Carl said...

Thanks Jeanette! Glad to see your post tonight!


Janice Thomson said...

These are all special but that top one, for me, is spectacular.

Carl said...

The top one was my favorite too.

Adrian LaRoque said...

Karl man, you have an awesome work done here. Sorry I don't have all the time that I need to see and comments all blogs that I like, all the authors that I like. Thank you all the time for the comments and visit. I'll try to be here more often.

Carl said...

Thanks Adrian- You have a really great eye. I enjoy visiting your site. I totally get not having time to visit and comment sites. I wandered back into your this morning and just had to send a few comments. Keep up the great work.