Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moodna Viaduct - Salisbury Mills, NY

Image Info: Canon D50 / EF 17-40mm F4/L - USM @ 22mm - 100 ASA/.3 sec/F22

This morning's Sunday morning nature photo is a landscape of the Moodna Viaduct in Salisbury Mills, NY. I have photographed it previously with a fresh dusting of snow and I found it just as lovely this chilly (almost) autumn morning. This location is best photographed about 30 minutes after sunrise. If you shoot it too early when the sun has not risen past the mountains on both sides of the Hudson river which is about five miles away the foreground will be too dark. The train trestle is nestled in the rolling hills of the Schunemunk Mountains. The rainy cold summer we had will lead us too a spectacular show of fall colors here in the Hudson Valley. I'll be back at this site when the colors are at their peak. My goal is to make a series of scenes of this location in the 4 seasons.

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Janice Thomson said...

Excellent light capture Carl. It will be neat to see all the seasons of this spot. Like that bit of fog? behind the trestle.

Carl said...

Hi Janice- Yep it is fog. When I got there an hour earlier the valley was flooed with fog. As I waited for the sun to clear the mountains beside me the fog rolled out and I just caught that last little bit. Maybe I'll get the fog with the fall colors.