Sunday, October 17, 2010

And now a brief break from the Venice photos to bring you Autumn in NY.

Minisceongo Creek, Stony Point, NY

This morning a slight departure from the Venice photos.... Don't worry I have plenty more of those to share with you over the next few days. I just thought you might enjoy a break from my Italy photos to see what things like like here in New York right now. Fall is in full show of its colors and the morning light makes things look spectacular.

Get out there and take a walk in the woods... You'll thank me for it.

Keep Makin' Art,


jennifer black said...

Wow. I'm jealous. Fall will come here ... about ... maybe ... Nov. If we're lucky.

Lovely photos.


Victoria Fatum said...

Ah yes. Autumn in NY. A wonderful thing! So sad that it is so short lived.

Carl said...

Jennifer - Thanks. It goes by in a blink here. I almost missed a chance to shoot I have been so busy.

Victoria - Yes it is glorious here in NY but goes by so quickly. I'd love to get to the Fingerlakes for Autumn, but totally missed it this year. Not that I am complaining being in Italy is a nice trade if you have to miss the fall colors in NY.


Krista Hasson said...

I am really enjoying you Venice photos, you are so lucky to get the chance to go. I am just in awe of the these autumn shots, nice job with the water :)

Carl said...

Hi Krista -

Thank you so much. We had an amazing trip. We are really lucky to be able to do these things now and get the most out of them.
I am really glad I went out and photographed the waterfall this morning. I had to near misses this fall, but did not get what I wanted and by the time I got back in june the creek was almost dry. So I have been waiting ever since the autumn is just right for that spot.

Dave King said...

I'll take a break from anything for images like these of autumn. Superb.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave!