Saturday, October 16, 2010


Lets start our journey through the beautiful city of Venice with some shots taken at night and very early morning. This was a great time to photograph Venice. When the crowds are sleeping you get the city to yourself and can really get the shots you want to take.

One thing I tried for the first day was to document the name of each bridge and canal. This became very difficult since some are not marked and we got lost (not so much lost as a little off course) so often and would see the same one several times. At one point Wenderina asked me.. "what's the name of this bridge? I said "J.A.B... Just another bridge" You really can't possibly keep track of them all. They are all different and all pretty and all want to be photographed!

Sunrise on one of the canals. The light was magical.

Early morning on the Grand Canal.
Rialto Bridge.

Morning on the Grand Canal from the Rialto.

Tomorrow - More shots of this more photos of this magical city in the daylight. Enjoy!

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Victoria Fatum said...

These are all wonderful, Carl. Really nice light and colors in each of them.

Carl said...

Thanks Victoria!

Unknown said...

Carl I love your whole Italy series I have to admit I am very Jealous. Seeing Venice through your lens makes me want to go all the more. The photo on the Rialto was my favorite. It really speaks to time and place. You never stop impressing me.

Carl said...

Thanks David- We had a really great time. Perfect locations, great friends and amazing food. Could not have asked for a better way to see Italy for the first time. I am thrilled with the photos I was able to get.