Monday, October 18, 2010

Now... Back to Venice

Venice is a city that overloads your senses. It is so beautiful with so many bridges and canals and reflections that I found after a few hours I was just getting used to it. The place really is quite amazing. I don't think you ever finish shooting it as the same subject can look different at different times of day. I was only finished when I ran out of memory cards... LOL.

Keep makin' Art!


Krista Hasson said...

I hope you are planning on painting some of these shots from Venice. Beautiful!

Carl said...

Hi Krista-

You better believe it. I just have not had a chance to put brush to paper in the two weeks I have been home.

Also you had asked who I'll be studying Oils with. It is Delah Mckay down in Nyack NY. I took a workshop with her a few years ago. She's a fabulous painter and teacher.


Dave King said...

Excellent work. the second one I found particularly impressive. Loved its abstract quality.

Carl said...

Hi Dave - Thanks. I love how art is different for each viewer. A friend asked me of the one you liked if it was a mistake..... LOL. Glad you saw what I saw.