Saturday, October 30, 2010

The things I do for my art...

This wild photo is the result of one of my early morning photo expeditions in Rome. I was setting up to shoot a photo in Campo Dei Fiore when a delivery van turned a corner out of the tiny alley leading to the street I was standing in. I dove into the Piazza with my tripod and camera mid exposure and got this shot of the hotel and wild streaks of light caused by the trucks lights. Pretty cool shot, but it left me counting my fingers and toes to make sure i had them all. I now know I will protect myself before my camera... Good to know I guess. Happily I was able to protect myself and the camera.

Keep Makin Art (Carefully)!


JeannetteLS said...

Well, I am glad you protected yourself and your camera to get this. It IS a cool shot. It's gonna be fun just catching up a bit here!

Carl said...

Take your time and wander in. You'll love the Infra-red stuff I was doing this summer.