Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Last Minute Fall Photos From Skylands

I had postponed this mornings plans to take photos upstate because I needed to get caught up on rest, but could not sit still so took a ride to one of my favorite places to go with my camera, Skylands Botanical gardens in New Jersey. It was packed and there was almost no place to park and I felt a little lackluster (but still happy to be out in nature) about my photos. I have to say though after uploading them I am pretty happy with what I got and really glad I went out.

Sometimes you have to listen to your camera when it calls to you from the corner of the room!

Keep Makin' Art


Paul C said...

You captured the vibrancy of the season so well.

Carl said...

Thank You Paul! I stopped by your blog. It looks good. I'll stop by often.


Claire Marcus said...

Wonderful shots of Italy!

You have a good eye.

Carl said...

Thanks Claire!

Victoria Fatum said...

I'm glad you got out, Carl, even if it wasn't up here in my area! =) Wonderful photos. I followed your original suggestion and curled up for the day! After all the running around the last couple days, it sure was nice to do nothing!

Carl said...

Hi Victoria-
Thanks. I am happy I got out for a while. I tried to shut down for the whole day, but got antsy in the afternoon. An hour at Skylands did the trick. Pretty much a lazy restful day here.