Thursday, October 14, 2010

One More Day of Florence

At the lovely Wenderina's smart suggestion here is another day's worth of posts from around Florence. It is a beautiful city. The food is more Tuscan and rustic than the presentation in Rome, but every bit as good. This is definitely a city I'd like to explore again.

Keep Makin' Art

PS the painting teacher I have been trying to looking forward to learning oils from is offering Saturday classes. I have to give her a call and look forward to starting a whole new medium soon.



Dave King said...

The first and the last are great, but the second one's a real humdinger!

Dave King said...

Sorry, I meant the third!

Wenderina said...

Thanks Dave! Yeah the Duomo at night is an impressive sight.

Carl said...

OOPS I postred under Wenderina's account. She's been on my Mac again.