Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orchid Complete!

Orchid Watercolor Finished

I am thrilled with how the Orchid watercolor turned out! I knew what I wanted it to look like and therefore how I wanted to paint it. This one felt like it flowed right out of my brush. Now to start thinking of how I want to paint the Mandolin I photographed a while back. I am tempted to try it in Acrylics.

Keep Makin' Art


Kass said...

Bravo on the watercolor!!
Bravo on the haiku on Dave's blog.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Carl, you did a terrific job on the orchid. Beautiful colors and lines.

Carl said...

Kass and Christiane - Thank you so much. I am pretty happy with this one.

Dave King said...

This one's a zinger. Your best watercolour to date? Acrylics sounds fine for the mandolin.

Carl said...

Hi Dave
I agree It may be the best one yet.