Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The cape is calling

Cape Cod has been on my mind of late. We really need to find a couple of days to sneak away and take pictures, paint and hang out in our favorite place. Now how to fit it in around work, spring photo work in the hudson valley and other stuff. hmmm.

Keep Makin' Art


Jo said...

Ohhhh ... those are lovely...!

Are Cheap Joe's paints better than Winsor Newton? I was just looking at the colors in your palette. Those are all my favorites too.

Carl said...

Hi Jo-
W&N has long been the standard of quality for watercolor paints. I have been using cheap Joes for a few years now and find the quality to be every bit as good. The price for Cheap Joe's is substantially better so since the quality is the same and you get a lot more paint for the money I would say yes they are better.


Dave King said...

Oh, I really go for that first one. The others are great, but that one hits the spot!

Carl said...

Thanks Dave - It is a few years ago. I always felt i messed up the water in it... but there are so many other things I like about it... not the least is the colors.