Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning Light San Francisco

Has it really been almost a week since I posted?

I almost never do that. Work and other commitments have been pretty busy lately. We did take some time this week to put some finishing touches on our home office that W re-modeled. It looks awesome. We had a wall that needed some art, but did not want to put up more of the same of my art as in the other rooms. So together we went through some of my images and came up with this series of six shots I took early one morning in San Francisco. We started by chucking the normal tourist shots and started to look at the things that catch my eye when I am out with my camera in a city. We decided to print them as a series in black frames in two rows of three shots. We decided to print them in color because there is enough to tie them together that way, but they would be pretty cool as black and whites too.

What do you think?

I found out this week that I did not get any images into Photography now 2010 at Center for Photography in Woodstock. there were 300 entries and only 20 made the cut so I do not feel bad. Also I don't think Nature photography is what they really wanted. Some of these shots may have done better though. Do they still look like my work even though the subject is totally different. I can not decide.

Thanks to the wonderful Wendy for helping me edit my photos.

Keep Makin' Art


Jude said...

These are going to look great in that newly remodeled room! Can't wait to see them!!

Carl said...

Thanks Jude ! I can't wait to hang them. Maybe tomorrow!


Dave King said...

Excellent. Superb images.