Friday, April 16, 2010

Juried Show Applications

I found out this week that the pieces I submitted for the Biennial Photo Exhibit at Hopper House were not accepted. I am not upset. I think they were top flight images. They just may not have been right for this show...... I tend towards pretty landscapes that are well crafted , but are sometimes not seen as 'art'.

The pieces below are what I have sent in with my application for the 2010 Photography Now Exhibit at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. Some are my nature shots and others are a little bit different. This show has the same judge so I may have the exact same results, but thought I would share them with you guys. My own little web exhibit as it were.
I will here about the entry in the next few weeks and will let you know. In the meantime there are more shows to enter and photos to take.


Dave King said...

You are right: they are top flight images. Difficult to judge the photographic quality from web images, but the sense I get is that they are first class. Certainly the compositions are spot-on and each is arresting in its own way. They are all images that, if they were in an exhibition, I would keep going back to for another look. You are also correct not to be upset, but to keep faith with what you know is good. Scrub "good": superb .

Carl said...

Thank You Dave! I am getting cool with the idea that Art is subjective and some times good pieces won't make it into shows. I am waiting to hear an additional one and sending out an application for 2 more. I need to get a few paintings out there too.