Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nobska Light Project - Drawing

Here is the drawing for Nobska Light. I scaled mine to 11x14. I have a few lines to erase and then I will be ready to paint.
My Plan
  1. Drawing - done
  2. Paint sky - blue (graded cloudless wash I think.)
  3. building - plan to paint a little lighter in earth tones to make the red roof and shadows pop a little.
  4. Foreground play with a loose mix of browns/greens/yellows

I'll post my progress each step of the way. If you are playing along at home post your ideas and comments as you go thru. If you have questions or need help post it ina comment and I'll reply.

Happy Painting



Janice Thomson said...

What a great start. I really enjoy watching your work progress.

Pat said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Your drawing is tremendous. I changed the perspective of the buildings to avoid dealing with all those lines. So far so good.