Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nobska Light Demo - Foreground

So here we are the bulk of the foreground is in and I am pretty happy we have set the Stage for the buildings and the lighthouse. I used some warm earthy yellows, greens and browns on the foreground using a little dry brush to reserve some negative grass shapes and painted around the fence.
What's left?
  • Shadows on fence. probably a light blue gray color
  • finish foreground by splattering some drops with a toothbrush and a dark warm color to give the appearance of grasses. building and fence should be covered so spatter does not get on them.
  • Then onto buildings and lighthouse (first wash)
  • Buildings (shadows)

I will paint a bit more on Sunday and post then. Take a look at Pat's . It looks great!

I'll probably finish on Monday.

Keep Makin' Art



Pat said...

Looking good! Maybe I should have waited for your demonstrations, but then I wouldn't have known what I needed to learn.

Dave King said...

I love it when a painting's at this stage. I can see it in my mind's eye, though so much is possible. I wonder how close I am.