Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meme from Pics and Poems

I don't do a lot of Memes... but I liked this one that Dave at Pics and Poems had done. So I thought it would be a way for you readers to know a little more about the guy behind the camera/paint brush.

1.My current obsession : All of my hobbies at one time cooking/painting/photography/learning the mandolin/blogging. Which makes me always pressed for time!

2.The item of clothing I wear most often is : Jeans whenever I am not at work!

3.What's for dinner : Bangers and Mash at an English Pub in NYC with some friends.

4. I prefer to listen to : folk/bluegrass/old jazz/standards

5. A word of thanks to : Wenderina (my lovely wife) who puts up with all of my hobbies and my artistic temperament

6.Favourite vacation spot : Cape Cod. It reminds me of a simpler time and it has lighthouses… What coud be more perfect.

7. I am reading : Basic Judaism – Rabbi Milton Steinberg. I am trying to read up on the major religions looking for the common bonds that should bring us all together.

8. Four words to describe myself: enthusiastic / artistic / considerate / stuffy

9.Guilty Pleasures: Finding time for my hobbies on Sunday mornings

10.First spring-cleaning thing: MY STUDIO

11. I look forward to : a time in my life when I can pursue painting and photography full time.

12. I guess I am now supposed to tag a chosen group of fellow bloggers, but instead I am going to demonstrate my independence of spirit and make it an open tag for anyone who would like to take it up. Please leave a note on my blog, though, if you decide to do so. I like Dave’s Idea here. Try the meme if you like if not… Happy Blogging.


Kate Hanley said...

Love this meme. I'm going to continue it following your lead of not tagging. It may take a while as I'm rehearsals now but I'll get to it.

Dave King said...

Great response, thanks for picking it up.

Carl said...

Kate - Thanks I look forward to reading yours.

Dave - Just following your lead.