Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Hello Fellow Artists

Today marks my 200th post! Wow can you believe that that? I can't that for sure. I'd like to thank everyone who keeps coming back and reading my posts and checking out my images. You inspire me to be a better painter and photographer. For that I can not thank you enough.

I am posting one more cherry blossom, It is a bit of a cop out... but I have been crushed with unexpected work since Friday and have just been keeping my heard above water (barely).

Tomorrow We will start our next watercolor project so get your paints and brushes out it promises to be one I will have to really push myself on.

Keep Makin' Art!



Wenderina said...

You da man, Carlos. Or, at least, I'm proud to say, You MY man.

Janice Thomson said...

LOL Love your wife's comment!
It's a beautiful cop-out Carl :)

Carl said...

W- Thanks as always for all the support. Love Ya!

Janice- Thanks. Now I just have to get started on the still life demo. Hopefully tonight I'll shot the still-life. Work has been so crazy I have not wanted to set everything up when I get home.