Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nobska light First Wash

OK. The first wash is down on Nobska Light..... And look 2/3 of the painting is done. See isn't this easy.

I first used a 1/2" flat brush to go around the buildings with water then once I was far enough away from the buildings I used a 2" wash brush with water and wet the whole sky. Once that was nice and wet I threw down Cobalt Blue with a touch of french ultramarine blue down loosely in the sky and let it run around. I threw down some Alizarin Crimson at the horizon. I like to do that. It helps the transition to the foreground and adds some punch. I then used a dry towel to blot out some area for clouds. This was about 10 minutes work. When it comes to skies I like to get in and get out and let them dry not play too much. I probably should have left out the clouds... but it is my painting and I was having fun.
See how the buildings will now jump out off of the back ground. My next work will be the foreground.

How are you doing on yours?

Keep Makin' Art


Janice Thomson said...

Yes the touch at the horizon really adds to the overall sky. I love the clouds Carl.

Pat said...

I do like your sky. One of the problems with my painting is the colors I used for the sky. It is too pretty. I will post my painting on my blog and today or tomorrow.