Sunday, April 12, 2009

Favorite Time of Week

It is Sunday morning. The house is quiet except for the sound of two cats creating mischief and the drip of my coffeemaker. This is the time of week I look forward to. The day is before me. I may paint, I may hike and take photos or just read and spend time with Wendy. It is the perfect way to get ready for the craziness that starts again each Monday.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

My today list:

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and read a little

  • Play my Mandolin

  • Get caught up on my blogs

  • Clean up the studio and work on the next couple stages of my demo painting

  • Cook dinner and spend time with my folks.

Sounds like a good Sunday to me!


Dave King said...

Hope it went like that for you. Such times are precious - as you obviously are aware. May the week carry you smoothly to your next precious time.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave! It was quite enjoyable. I did give up the chance to go out with my camera yesteday... but I painted so that was a good trade off. Hope you had a nice Easter as well.