Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something to Think About

In My America

In my America we respect the other guy's opinion
and we expect the same of ours...

In my America thoughtful debate is encouraged
demonetization of those with a differing opinion is not permitted.

In my America hate is not allowed
Where is my America??

I have not been able to find it for some time...


With this post I ask you my readers a question on the nature of art. I have long sat on the side lines of politics with my blog. I started this blog to show the beauty I find in our world in an attempt the quiet the noise we find find everywhere else.... The problem is the noise and the fighting and the polarization continue to grow worse. I don't know what it is I have to contribute to the debate and in fact it may be akin to throwing gas on a fire that is already burning. What do you think.... what should the artists do?

I have no easy answers and am looking to you...

Keep Makin' Art (or askin' questions??)


Jo said...

Well, you know me, I am a firm believer in discussion, debate and conversation -- about everything -- where a person in artist, a lawyer, a doctor, a carpenter -- whatever. I find, as I read the blogs from America, that everyone is so darned nice. No one wants to talk about anything controversial. All the blogs are so nice, with their pictures of their dogs, their flowers, their hobbies, butterflies and rainbows. In the meantime, the carpet is being pulled out from underneath you, and it appears that no one cares.

Canadians do more posts about American politics, current events and issues than Americans do. So if things slip away from the American folks, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Sometimes when I read the blogs, I wonder if everyone has been slipped a drug that makes everyone so nice, and one-dimensional. I know that doesn't sound very -- well, nice -- but it is my impression. Sometimes life is about the big issues. Don't be afraid to discuss them, and don't be afraid if someone disagrees with you. New ideas come out of debates.

Americans are just too damned nice...! :-)

Jo said...

Oops ... I should have said darned. :-)

Carl said...


Thank you for the observation from up north. You may have something... The vast majority of people I know and have met are reasonable people willing to consider the issues. There are some exceptions of course, but in general I find that to be true. So why the apathy or denial. I think some of it comes from the media learning that if it shows the polars sides of the issues..... then ratings go up. Good for the media perhaps... but it has frozen the majority of us into inaction.... We American's seem to me rabid in our opinions of the unimportant fights and are afraid to engage when it really counts.

My little blog about art may not be the forum for these discussions and perhaps I need another blog for this set of ideas, but I wanted to discuss them.

Also while beautiful... My art is not normally controversial. Is that good or bad? Do I want to say more with my talents??? I am not sure I like what I do and it pleases me and pleases others which makes me happy as well, but is that enough? I think I am venturing into areas perhaps only I can answer for myself. I expect when this post publishes on face book not all of the opinion given will be 'nice' It will certainly be interesting to see!


Jo said...

Carl, people can be quite nasty if they disagree with another person's opinion. I have learned that. People have lost the art of polite debate and have indeed become polarized. As a result, people shy away from controversy and conversation. It's sad.

As far as art being controversial, I have never understood that. Art should be what the artist wants it to be. I believe controversy should be left for the written or spoken word. Art is a whole different dimension and sense.

One of my favorite artists is Edward Hopper. His art tells a story, but it is more about the human condition than anything else.

Interesting topic...

Carl said...

Thanks Jo.

Hopper definitely conveyed a message. It may be that mine is about inner peace (and searching for it).

I do think that we have lost the skills of polite debate in general. I have several friends that will get together for an evening and pick a topic and then be assigned the side of the issue. It is very interesting to have to make the argument against what you believe. It is good I think to walk around in the other guys shoes and see what it is like.


Chelle said...

Keep making art and let the talking heads talk -- they will never solve anything, but you my friend, touch many people and encourage me personally to not forget my talents especially when i get caught up in all the mundane tasks of motherhood.

Art is only meant to please the artist.

Carl said...

Thanks Chelle-

Glad to know I am inspiring people. I think I'll just keep on painting and taking pics.... Because they make me and others happy. You are right that is reason enough.