Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is a Coming Down the Street!

I have patiently..... OK not so patiently been waiting for my old digital SLR to come back from being converted for InfraRed use.

It was the perfect cure for a rough day when I found the box by my back door waiting to be opened. I did not have much light left so I quickly changed into shorts and headed to Skylands to try out my 'new' IR camera. So far I love it! I have not had much chance to use it and have to learn a little more about processing the infra-red images in photoshop, but am very pleased with the first efforts.

Tomorrow I will post some cool color IR shots from Skylands.

Keep Makin Art


Dave King said...

Fantastic. You must be over the moon. The shots promise much happiness ahead, I would have thought. Enjoy!

Carl said...

Hi Dave - just looking at the color previews in the camera before I left the garden I knew I was hooked again. I shot IR film years ago and spent a good chunk of last summer trying to get the right mix of filters / developers /eastern european film (kodak does not make IR anymore) and was so unhappy with results. one hour running around before the sun went down brought it all back. You have to see scenes differently for IR so it will take a little practice, but you are right I was over the moon.


Krista Hasson said...

Beautiful! I love IR, gives such atmoshere

Victoria Fatum said...

The one of the house (?) with the ivy came out really great.

Carl said...

Thanks Krista and Victoria.

Krista the house is part of Skylands manor.