Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watkins Glen in Black and White

I chose this image out of the series I shot at Watkins Glen about a month ago to be B&W. This subject just seemed to work in B&W because of all of the wonderful textures in the rocks and water.

This week I will do some more InfraRed B&W photography and I need to get back into the studio and push some paint around again.

What are you workin' on these days?

Keep Makin' Art


HightonRidley said...

What a treat, Carl! You chose well, it's a delightful shot full, as you say, of gorgeous textures. Definitely a hanger!

Carl said...

Thanks Hugh! I really am thrilled with this one.

Chelle said...


Carl said...

Thanks Chelle!

Victoria Fatum said...

Yeah, that is perfect in B/W. Nice choice!

Carl said...

Thanks Victoria. This one worked out nice. I have a few B&Ws to send off to the lab.