Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art at the end of the driveway.

Irony is a funny thing. I have driven over 500 miles this past week looking for new photographs. I have re-photographed some favorite spots with a different lens armed with what I learned on previous visits and gotten some terrific results.... but the biggest lesson I learned this week (or should I say re-learned) was keep your eyes open. These awesome (If I say so myself) shots are from a Rose of Sharon bush at the end of my driveway... Thirty feet from my front door.

Beauty is there for all of us to capture if we keep looking for it.

But you are saying "Carl.. look at that color and look at those flowers... I can't do that".... You can I promise. Do you want the BEST color for your flower photos then shoot on a rainy or very cloudy day. it cuts way down on the glare and lets the color just glow. Next figure out what your picture is of and crop in tight only leave in the essential elements. You will surprise yourself. now get out there and.....

Keep Makin' Art


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Yes, sometimes the best subjects are right under our nose! And thanks for the advice on capturing the best colour by shooting on a rainy or cloudy day. I like to shoot in open shade also.

Carl said...

Hi Karen - yep it really brings out the color and I can put the polarizer away most of the time.