Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Nature Photos

I fought the urge to sleep in this morning when my 6am alarm went off. I am glad I did. All the rain from the last two night had Pine Meadow Brook running stronger than usual for this time of year. There were still bunches of trees that had clung to their leaves in the wind and rain of the last few days that made for awesome reflections. Here are the first two images while I work on editing the rest. Enjoy your Sunday!
Keep Makin' Art


Chelle said...


Carl said...

Thanks Chelle. I had a great time this weekend shooting the fall colors reflected in the streams and brooks.


LR Photography said...

Awesome work Carl!

LR Photography said...

Carl I added your blog to my list. Sorry for being a bit late, for that I need to do, time for the most is not enough.

Carl said...

Thanks! Glad you stop by when you can.

I am bummed. I was going back and forth with canon support this weekend. I have to send my 50d in for repairs. Hopefully it won't be gone too long.