Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finger Lakes - Wine Region Upstate NY

We travelled upstate to the Finger Lakes this weekend for a family wedding. In between wedding activities (which was a just great... I am sure wenderina will post all about it)and raindrops I was able to slip away for a little while this morning to get these shots. I have made a mental note that we have to spend more time in the Naples/Canandaigua/Bristol area. My list of places I want to photograph in New York state just keeps getting longer.

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Mama Lou said...

Loved the pictures especially the concord grapes. With the color of the grape leaves they are outstanding with their rich purple blue shades.

June Calender said...

Oh, those Concord grapes! I can't see them without remembering driving though the area one October and the luscious smell -- had to stop at a roadside stand and buy some to eat. Thanks for the memory in the form of beautiful pictures.

Carl said...

Thanks June- I look forward to wandering over to your blog this weekend.