Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Sunday Morning Photos

Here are some more images from this morning. I am almost done editing. coming up next during the week. an image from the Skylands... I shot at two locations this morning and perhaps a poem with one of this morning's images. I have some ideas and need to get them on paper before they disappear like the memory of a dream. No promises on the poem... I am no writer and don't claim to be but the beauty of the morning planted some ideas I want to try to jot down.
What did you work on this weekend? I came away with 10 or 15 really strong images from several locations I am thrilled beyond measure.
Keep Makin' Art!


Anonymous said...

What exquisite colors and compositions. A watercolorsit's dream.

Carl said...

Thanks Jean. I had a really successfull weekend with the camera in the rain saturday and in better weather today. I am glad I got out. I don't think the leaves are going to hang around on the trees much longer.


JeannetteLS said...
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JeannetteLS said...

I fell in love with the top picture... it made me think of petal-covered hippos though and then I started laughing and, well... my mind is a strange thing.

But the molten metals of the others. Worth the wait.

Me? I also did two pen and ink sketches of a cheetah and a giraffe, because in my head there is a story THERE. I'm thinking of a companion clog to accommodate the committe in my brain. Delores Yodette's site. For fiction and over the edge stuff that has nothing to do with memoir.

that's what I worked on in my head while tutoring my nephew in buoyant force, bernoulli's principle and I don't know what else. And fluid pressure. I did not TAKE that stuff even when I DID take it.

So I kicked around "Cheetah's and Giraffes don't mix," maybe a kids' actual book or story, or just something I do. I do pen and ink sketches. Forgot to mention that, but I'm not an artist. The way, maybe you THINK you are not a writer. Later, friend.

JeannetteLS said...

Companion clog... yeah. I think I worked with my nephew TOO long. Blog. Companion Blog.

Yes I am going to have a companion SHOE for my blog.

And there are hippos in New England, and cheetahs on my porch... and a giraffe just munched maples in my yard...

Carl said...

petal-covered hippos

I'm gonna have to go back and look at that shot. See if I can find the hippos. Jeannette... So glad you enjoyed the images.


LR Photography said...

The water looks great this way. In most of my images I like to freeze it. Great composition too congratulations.