Sunday, October 04, 2009

Autumn in New York

Awosting Falls - Minnewaska Preserve

Sheldon Falls - Minnewaska Preserve
Another Sunday... another 5am alarm calling me out to the woods to photograph the amazing sites in my part of New York State. Today my trusty side-kick (my brother in law Robbie) roused himself from slumber to join me. Our journey took us to the Shawangunk Mountains (the Gunks). These mountains are known for great rock climbing and hiking. We took a short hike into the Minnewaska State preserve to photograph Awosting and Sheldon falls. We arrived just after sunrise and found that the while only an hour north of us... the fall colors were already well along and made the perfect backdrop for these two very pretty and accessible falls on the Peter's Kill Creek which runs near the entrance to the preserve. I feel quite fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I wonder at the vistas of the Hudson Valley and Catskills every time I find my self hiking their trails.
Keep Makin' Art!


Kate Hanley said...

Beautiful photos. Makes me want to hike. We're not quite there colorwise in PA but it's coming.

Janice Thomson said...

I'm envious of the beautiful reds you get there Carl. No such thing here unless it is an imported tree or shrub. Beautiful beautiful shots.

Chelle said...

Good stuff, thanks for doing all the hiking for me, I can just roll over in bed on sunday morning and trust that you will be out finding something great-LOL
Seriously--really enjoying these.

Robbie said...

It is always a special treat shooting with Carl,no matter what the time of day. This time was no exception!
Even though I have been shooting "film" for 23 yrs.,the whole concept of this digital age is new to me. But my trusted brother-in-law is always patient with "computer dummies" like myself. I think of going out and shooting as therapy for the mind and spirit. One only has to look at these photos and feel the same. Carl is a true mentor in this field. I can't wait till the next time,bro.

Dave King said...

You're on a roll these days, I think. Everything you do is staggeringly beautiful - but these are way up in the stratosphere. Get any better and there'll be no one capable of appreciating them!

Carl said...

Kate - It is still on the early side here as well. The mountains this weekend were starting to turn and in isolated areas like the forrest near the waterfalls getting along nicely. Hopefully Cape Cod will be just right this weekend as that is where I am shooting next.

Janice - Yep you can't beat the North East US in the Autumn. Just beautiful.

Chelle - Glad I could help you get your rest! I do miss sleeping in on Sundays, but can't stop myself from going out these days.

Robbie - The pleasure is all mine. I enjoy your company on what is otherwise a quiet trip to the woods. Looking forward to our next adventure.

Dave - I agree I have been on a roll. Some credit goes to the new camera, but even more goes I think to a better understanding (through experience,practice and research) about locations and when they will look best. I am thrilled you are enjoying my work.


A's Mom said...

Wish I would have been able to make this hike while being preggo. Maybe next time as it seems like a very tranquil locale and worth the hike.

Krista Hasson said...

Carl, these are breathtaking, great job!

LR Photography said...

Great work Carl, great work.

Carl said...

A's (and Z's) Mom, Krista and Adrian. Thanks. It was a great morning to shoot and got some great captures. I am about to start working on the stuff from the Cape this weekend so check back soon.