Friday, November 21, 2008


People often ask me... "Why watercolor?" I have asked that too on occasion. I think I could and someday will be a great oil painter. After all the process of laying the shapes and the darks first and adding the details and highlights seems like a natural progression and the idea of having months to get a subject just right seems wonderful... So why watercolor? First and foremost it is the luminous quality of the light and color. I was drawn to watercolors long before I started painting. Watercolor is fast and exciting. You are always working on the razors edge between a masterpiece and a total mess. It is a curious mix of planning and freedom all at the same time. Once I finally decided to try it and watch two colors mix, mingle and dance on a sheet of 140lb. cold press paper I was hooked for life. Watercolor is controlled chaos.... and what could be better.

If you have always been afraid to try watercolor I say give it a try. You'll get hooked!

Keep Making Art,


Janice Thomson said...

Love your description of masterpiece and total mess - ain't that the truth! One of the reasons I like Chinese watercolour so much is the effects you get when loading the brush with 3 or 4 colours - something Western brushes don't do very well.

Dave King said...

I took up watercolour when I retired, largely because it was a medium I had never tried. I think it is probably the most difficult one to master, but all the more enjoyable for that.

Carl said...

Janice - I have always wanted to try chinese watercolor. I'll add it to the long list of mediums I want to explore.

Dave - Yes. I once heard someone compare watercolor to to playing the bagpipes. One never really masters it... they just come to an uneasy truce with it