Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Reflection

I was revisiting some shots from a couple of years ago and found this simple composition that I had ignored at first, but the reflected color really makes this photo pop. I am glad I went back thru the images from this days shooting.

The message here is to save the stuff you are not sure about and take a look later. I normally trust my editorial instincts and edit pretty brutally... but I do save some that are maybes and sometimes they turn out to be winners.

Keep Making Art!


Isadora said...

Lovely colors and textures, congratulations.

Janice Thomson said...

I love that you "edit pretty brutally" LOL. I do the same but find now the cast-offs make great experiments for all the filters I have.

Unknown said...

Great Photo!! It's amazing how going back to your work years later we can find pieces that we never thought much of when we produced them.

Carl said...

Thanks Everyone.

Mike I shot this near Reeve's Meadow. It all about the light right?