Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cape Cod Art Association

To Quote Sally Field "YOU LIKE ME.... YOU REALLY LIKE ME!"

Hi Everyone-
I was notified today of my acceptance as a juried artist member in the Cape Cod Art Asociation. This is something I worked on (and as many of you know) fretted over for a while. So as you can imagine I am Giddy! Thanks everyone for your support!

If you find yourself on Cape Cod in the near future you'll be able to some of my work for sale in the gallery!

Keep Making Art!


Janice Thomson said...

Oh Carl I'm so delighted for you! CONGRATULATIONS!

Mama Lou said...

You make my heart swell with pride that your work has been chosen and also that you chose my daughter as your life partner.
Super Terrifico!!!!

LauraH said...

lahuCarl, Congrats! I can't wait to go to Cape Cod and see it! Way to go - you should be really proud.

Pat said...

Dad and I are so proud and happy for you. However, we never had any doubts. You have had the courage to put your art and yourself out there to be judged. Keep believing in yourself, and keep expressing yourself through art.
We love your paintings and photography, and we love you.

Jo said...




Am I impressed???



By the way, do you know what the word verification is that I have to type in right now? It is "promise". I kid you not! Is that a sign?

outdoormike said...


Wenderina said...

Ain't it awesome when all your doubts are proven wrong?

Chelle said...

Bravo, your dream of "art for a living" is one step closer. It is nice to be recognized, you are an inspiration to get out of the "art closet" and show other people my stuff!

Carl said...

Hi Everyone!
Thank you some much for your support and encouragement as I screwed up the courage to submit my portfolio to the scrutiny of outsiders.

Wenderina - Thanks for the love and support.

Chelle - Thanks for the suggestions and last minute review of my work before I sent it out.