Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tomorrow's Plan

Hello Fellow Artists:

Well with my portfolio(s) off for review at Cape Cod Art Association and having to wait several weeks before I have an answer on my application.... I asked myself this morning "what next?" There is a cool waterfall at Indian Brook in Garrison NY. I took the photo at left in the summer. I think I have just enough color left on the trees to get a fall shot maybe with reflections in the pool at the bottom of the falls. I'll pack up my stuff tonight and head out early tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

Hey there Carl, I am one of your followers now! I want to link to your blog on mine, let me know if that's ok. Write me at
and you can find me everywhere on the net, just google "Cecilia Price".

Your photos are fantastic! I need to get out more to take pictures, right now I'm still getting over back surgery.

Thanks for commenting on my irises! Oddly enough, I feel like doing landscapes right now!


Eve said...

Have a great trip and time Carl!

Carl said...

Thanks. I'll post any good shots when I get home tomorrow afternoon. I may also hit this waterfall after the first snowfall. We'll see how that works out.


Janice Thomson said...

Oh my gosh that's beautiful Carl - I imagine any season would make a stunning shot.

Carl said...

Thanks Yep it is a wonderful spot. I am trying to photograph it in all four seasons.