Monday, November 24, 2008

Stream - Harriman State Park

I have always been drawn to streams. Water running over rocks just makes me want to set up my tripod and take picture after picture. I know these shots can be overdone. I have been accused of that several time in my life. My answer to that is I like them and I will continue to shot them because they make me happy. However once I got the technical hang of shooting these images without having them too contrasty with blown out white water I got more selective. I now look for what can make the image special. So not only does the image have to have rocks and running water. Now it is about color, I look for the reflections of the trees and surrounding countryside to make the image interesting. Next I look for the best composition. I am now at the point where I will go out for a few hours and if the shot is not there I will leave it alone. I am not disappointed when this happens because I have learned more about the area I want to shoot and have spent a quiet morning in in the woods. What could be better.
Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

Likke you I am always taken by streams, especially those bubbling (or surging, for that matter) over rocks. I don't see how you can overdo it. I shoot away like mad in such circumstances.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave!

I knew I coul not be the only one out there.


Janice Thomson said...

Your water shots are beautiful Carl.
There is a large creek across the street that I visit everyday and have many shots of. I think people are drawn to water because it's peaceful and soothing to the heart and soul.