Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Good Mornings Work

Hello Fellow Artists:

I left the house as planned around 5:30am so that I could get to Indian Brook in Garrison, NY at or before sunrise. I was cutting through the park on my way to the Bear Mountain Bridge, when I saw the must wonderful pre-sunrise glow silhouetting a small island of trees in Cedar Pond. Seeing that I had enough time. I pulled over and grabbed this shot. As far as I am concerned the morning would have been a success even if I had not gotten off another shot.

I then continued my journey to Indian Brook. Making a note that I must go back to the National Audubon Society preserve at Constitution Marsh which shares the same parking lot. I may need a longer lens when I do that as Bald Eagles have been seen nesting in the area and that is one shot I want to get. The short hike to Indian Brook Waterfall was well worth it. It was beautiful in the dim morning light. The flat early morning light is good for waterfalls. It lends itself to long exposures of the flowing water and allows you to capture the real colors of the scene while holding detail in the waterfall.

Really happy with my mornings efforts I headed home for coffee and computer time to process the images. On my way back through another section of Harriman State Park I noticed that the sun was still at a low angle and the light was clear... Time for maybe some more image? I noticed Reeds and grasses growing around the ponds on my journey home and found my subject when I saw the grasses that were going to seed were back lit by the sun and had a great glow about
them and I could pick up some of the fall colors behind them.
All in All I could not have asked for a better morning of Shooting and I was home by 8:30 to boot.



Pat said...

WOW!!! Wonderful shots by a true artist. In the tradition of Thomas Cole and others, you go out before dawn to capture the scene with the perfect light.

nan said...

That sunrise shot is incredibly beautiful. Nice work!

Janice Thomson said...

Excellent captures Carl - will you be painting the waterfalls too? What a beautiful tranquil spot.
I never realized the pampas grass turned such a wonderful gold in the fall. I love the soft texture of them.

Dave King said...

These are fabulous images, particularly those of the pampas grass.

Carl said...

Hi Gang.

Thanks. I think there are 1 or 2 more of the grasses that are winners I have not checked them all out yet. So you may see more of them.


Mama Lou said...

I love the fact that you have such an eye for your subjects and are so commited to getting up so early to capture what you photo.
Good Luck in Cape Cod with your submissions and perhaps if you are not accepted you could visit some of the local galleries next summer and see if they would display your work.

Unknown said...

Great Shots Carl

Anonymous said...

These are amazing shots, Carl. I really love all of them.