Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello Fellow Artists:

Thank you for hanging with me while I scoured the web on information about the infrared film I am shooting and actually got to shoot and develop a test roll today! What led to this breakthrough? Wenderina and I are on vacation this week and are working on home and personal projects that we can't seem to get going during our busy lives.
The Efke 820 Infrared B&W film is drying down in the basement and I am happy to say there are images on the film, it is not fogged and the combination of exposure time and development time looks pretty good. At least good enough for a jumping off point. I'll give details to those who care to know later, but the effective ASA is around 1 (Most of your 35mm film is rated 100 - 400 speed) So in broad daylight I had exposure times like 1 and 2 seconds. You definitely need a tripod for this stuff.
It is off to the lab for scanning in the morning. I'll post images as soon as I get them back. At first look it looks like while I get good exposures this time the 'infrared' effect is a little week and I may need a darker red or even opaque filter to bring out the effects I am trying for. I'll keep you posted.
I also shot some color digital stuff this morning and will post a couple of those tomorrow. Tuesday looks like stormy weather and me be a good painting day.

Keep Making Art

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Janice Thomson said...

Oh good! Can't wait to see them after all you went through :)