Monday, June 02, 2008


I have been going through some of my prints from back in my film shooting days and will be posting about some older images here and there.

This great shot of a chickadee landing on a branch required all of my patience. I had set out on a trail that was aptly named BirdSong Trail. I was armed with a couple of rolls of 35mm color negative film (100 asa) and my 40 mm lens. I was not planning on shooting birds, but a landscape further up the trail. After much experimentation I found the secret to get these quick moving birds. I setup my tripod close to the branch and focused on that. I then covered the branch and myself with birdseed. Then I waited (and I waited) After what seemed like an our of standing like a reverse scarecrow I was able to get this shot. Score one for being patient and not giving up even when I didn't have the right lens for the job!


rohit said...
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Janice Thomson said...

What a sweet photograph. It was well worth your time.

Carl said...

Thanks. I have almost a whole roll of film with frames where the bird is mostly out of the frame!